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Step back into the nineteenth century as the screen door slams behind you.  You have entered the historically registered Cochise Hotel.  Enjoy the Victorian charm of the double adobe structure full of antique decor.  The walls speak out of the legendary stories of famous guests, events and haunting.  This is your chance to make your own narrative.  Have a party, a retreat, a seminar or just spend the night. Please browse this website to find out more.  Review the "Services" tab at the top for hotel booking. 


"The Cochise Hotel predates all of the other historic hotels in Arizona that are still in operation, Bisbee's Copper Queen (1902), Douglas Gasden (1905), Flagstaff's Monte Cista (1928), Cochise Hotel (1897).  The Cochise is one of the oldest hotels associated with the Southern Pacific Railroad, says state historic preservation officer Roger Brevoort.  It is believed to be the only railroad hotel of it's vintage still operating in Arizona. "  Tucson LIfestyle, June 1988







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