Cochise Hotel
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2014 to present The new Cochise Hotel.


The New Era

   Beginning with the front lobby the work has started.  Attempting to capture the original flavor of what it might have been like to enter the lobby at the turn of the last century.


                            Behind the lobby desk includes the telegraph station from the hotel's origin.                       


What once was a huge dining room with two long tables able to seat over 20 people has been changed into a great room with a living room couch environment including the modern thing called a TV.

What once was the old Wells Fargo Express office, with the view of the Rail road line out front, is now a private room.  But with this room, as in the old days, the bathroom is down the hall.


The twin bedroom can be turned into a king size bed if a couple does not want to sleep in separate beds.  And in this room, like all the others, has it's own private bathroom.


Bedrooms are beginning to take shape maintaining the antique feel and charm.


The Cowboy room brings back memories of Rog Rogers, The Lone Ranger and our hero's of the 1950s.


Down the hall another room is set up with an Art Deco bedroom set and iron bed, bringing back the 30s.

The Parlor has been blessed with a pool table yet still hosts the extensive library so important to the lasting entertainment of the Hotel.  Not to mention a bar (with unfinished back bar) and the original piano adorned with a collection of other antique musical instruments. 


        The Front Porch sun room has two tables that will seat five. Combine that with extended dining room table and small living room table the Hotel could seat as many as twenty guests for dinner. 

The Kitchen still has the commercial hood but is not ready for the service of a full time restaurant.



        A new well is at the top of the list before traffic can come through the doors and the landscaping can begin.  However the stalls are ready for those guests who want to have their horses spend the night at the soon to be Cochise Livery.  

                                                                                                                                                                          One of the four apartments is starting to shape up with a sitting room, bedroom and bath.