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The numerous attractions that surround the Cochise Hotel.


The beautiful area around Cochise includes desert vistas with rugged purple hills and a shimmering mirage off the Willcox Dry Lake.  Within an hour in every direction are famous tourist attractions, ghost towns, monuments, national parks and points of interest. Below is the short list of things to do and see when staying at the Hotel. 

The Willcox Playa can be easily seen from the yard of the Hotel.  The dry lake bed has become a popular spot for bird watchers.


Natural wildlife is abundant and includes not just fowl but deer, javalina, coyote, raccoon, skunk, cougar, bobcat, roadrunner, fox, jaguar, ring tail cat, prairie dog, insects and yes snakes.

Willcox is the birthplace of Rex Allen and home of the Cowboy Hall of fame


TOMBSTONE ARIZONA, The Town To Tough to Die


The infamous town of Tombstone is less than an hour from Cochise and holds many treasures, such as the BIRD CAGE THEATER. 

Take a tour of the Tough Nut Silver Mine or the Tombstone Courthouse or belly up to the bar at the CRYSTAL PALACE


Or watch the many actors and re-en actors who shoot it out in the streets or the OK Corral.  Doc Holliday (Stephen Keith) and Big Nose Kate (Isabella Burkhart) are frequent guests at the Cochise Hotel.

An hour south of Cochise is the picturesque mining town of Bisbee


Bisbee includes many fine hotels and shops including THE COPPER QUEEN HOTEL

Bisbee is also the home of Phelps Dodge Copper Queen Mine and the history company store

Near Bisbee is the boarder town of DOUGLAS


Douglas is home of the historic GASDEN HOTEL with luxurious lobby and staircase.

Thirty minutes to the east of Cochise is the Railroad hub city of BENSON


Benson is also the home of the wonderful KARSHNER CAVERNS located in the Whetstones 

Between Cochise and Benson is TEXAS CANYON a magical formation of rock monuments


GHOST TOWNS are scattered all around Cochise.  The trail to Tombstone from Cochise is called The Ghost Town.  16 miles of dirt road through the mining districts of Pearce, Courtland, Gleeson. 


        20 minutes from Cochise is the old mining town of PEARCE and the Pearce country store now for sale. 




The wonderful Chiricahua National Park is just an hour from the Cochise Hotel

A little over an hour from Cochise is the ruins of the historic FORT BOWIE

The history of Ft. Bowie goes hand in glove with the freshwater spring at Apache Pass and the events that revolved around it.  The spring was a natural stopping place for Apaches, soldiers, emigrants, prospectors, etc.  It was also a natural place for a stage stop when John Butterfield won the overland mail route from St. Louis to San Francisco.  Though the Chiricahua Apaches had claimed the spring as their own by right of being there first, they offered little trouble to the overland stage its first couple of years.  Then a tragic and confused incident between the U.S. Cavalry and Cochise (the Bascom Affair) that ended with dead and wounded on both sides, touched off the long bitter Apache Wars.  With brief periods of peace, the war between Apache and whites went on from 1861 until Geronimo surrendered in 1886 and, until General Carleton's forces secured the spring and fortified the pass with Fort Bowie.  Located between the Chiricahua and Dos Cabezas Mountains.  The makeshift camp began in 1862 and expanded until it became a major southern outpost.  On October 17th 1894 the U.S. Cavalry evacuated Fort Bowie and in 1964 Congress authorized it as Fort Bowie National Historic Site.


Lakes, streams, and dry washes are numerous and within a short drive from Cochise


Finally only ten minutes from Cochise is the AMERIND FOUNDATION museum and research center of the natural and indigenous history of the southwest.


The breathtaking options of the region of Cochise County brings thousands of tourists a year from all over the world, and in the center of it all is THE COCHISE HOTEL.