The Haunted Cochise Hotel

Is the hotel haunted?  Many spirits and ghost hunters have visited the hotel and they tell us that spirits are everywhere.  They also tell me that I am being masked by a former owner, that a spirit woman lives in one of the out buildings and when asked, the spirit claims they will not leave because they are in love with the fellow masking me.  Oh and there is a soiled dove spirit and occupies the front bedrooms in the hotel.  The photograph above, although colorized for effect, is exactly what I found in the early morning hours of a spooky day.  It was as if some woman was walking past the hotel and floated out of her slippers, leaving them conspicuously positioned on the road out front.

Guests staying in the Inn have reportedly heard cries for help and sobs, while the apparition of a woman's head encased in a glowing ball of light has been observed floating throughout the hallways at night.

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The Cochise Hotel is a popular place for guests to explore the unknown.  It is the launching point for the twice annual Ghost Town Trail tour that caravans along the ghost trail from Cochise to Tombstone. 

One guest recently threw her pink socks to the floor as she went to sleep and in the morning they were gone.  We won't go into everything but a previous owners' son visited the hotel and told the story that as a kid, he fell asleep on the floor of the parlor next to the electric heater and a rocking chair.  He was abruptly awoken when his hand was crushed by the

rocking of the chair.  He jumped up to see a woman in the rocker when no one else but his mother was in the hotel.  His hand was broken.  Some months later the boy's mother visited the hotel and confirmed the story stating that her son described the woman in detail when he came running for help.

We have been told by those who speak to the spirit residents of the hotel, that they are happy with what we are doing with their domain.

The exit off interstate 10 is now called highway 191.  But not too many years ago it was highway 666.  Considered to be one of the most famous roads in North America, an endless bound of unexplained phenomenon has occurred throughout history.  666 is the "number of the beast" and the road was known as the "Devil's Highway".   There are reports of the "Hounds of Hell", a pack of supernatural dogs that can run with a speeding car and jump into the window mauling those in the vehicle.  Headlights that quickly come up from behind and then are no longer there.  

A maniac semi truck that swerved down the road aiming at vehicles in his path.  Skin walkers, shape shifters, a girl in a white gown and an evil spirit that appeared in the back seat of cars to obtain the soul of the driver.  In 2003 the ominous highway was renamed U.S. Route 191 and 491, and the number of traffic accidents and incidents decreased dramatically.

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        The Cochise Cemetery                         On a dark and dreary night            The old Spinning Wheel turns

Don't speak ill of the dead, say the dead, 

Found in the chapter Cochise Hotel, in Rhonda & Dwight Hull's book, Conversations with Spirits of the Southwest.

The long spooky hallway remains motionless, until a lost young girl appears, but only for a split second, then she runs away down the long corridor that never ends.