Upcoming Events

October 26, 2019

Twice annually the local historian Joanne Rummel, guides the Ghost Town Trail Tour.  

Joanne Rummel is an excellent tour guide and offers a magical day of discovering the treasures of the Ghost Town Trail.  The tour is free, however at several sites along the way donations jars are set out to help the host of those historic sites to be able to make them available to the public.  Everyone meets at the Cochise Hotel for a tour of the Inn.  Then in caravan form, everyone follows her to the various locations.  Ghost Towns, Old Western Jails, Cemeteries, Ruins and Relics, are all provided along the trail.  Contact us or Joanne Rummel for more information and exact times. 

May 18 & 19, 2019

Dwight and Rhonda Hull the authors of "Speaking with the Spirits of the Old Southwest", will be hosting a grand paranormal event.  They will begin on the 18th of May at the haunted Buford House, and then dive into the spirits at the Cochise Hotel on the 19th.  

Experience the unknown on this enchanting tour.   The tour cost is $150.  Please contact us or Dwight and Rhonda Hull at the website linked above, for more information and reservations.  Rooms are still available for the event, at the Cochise Hotel.

Use this Link to view Dwight and Rhonda's Web Page.


July 14, 2019

Pharo Bank will be gambling for the 12th consecutive year at the Magic Castle in Hollywood California.  

The Dia Vernon Foundation at the Academy of the Magical Arts, hosts a yearly wake, celebrating the spirit of the famous conman and scoundrel Jefferson "Soapy" Smith.  A limited number of public guest are allowed, but here is your chance to visit the wonderful Magic Castle. 

Click here to learn more about Pharo Bank